Your needs drive our priorities.

The idea that sets the pace for TISOL’s actions and transforms into satisfaction for our Strategic Partners, and their full and lasting trust and reliance in terms of deadlines, precision and confidentiality.

Our translation services cover three specific categories: technical translation, financial translation, and legal translation. We have assembled a team of highly skilled translators with international experience as part of multinational corporations, thus ensuring translations that meet the highest accuracy standards in the industry and reflect the technical terminology that our customers seek to convey, according to the style and level of the source text.




Our translators are registered with the Peruvian Translators Association (CTP) and are authorized to certify the contents of translated documents for any official purposes deemed appropriate by our customers.



Teaming up to deliver your message when you need it most.

We are prepared to tackle the dynamics of the everyday priorities of your operations, where a skilled and diligent interpreter is required to complete that videocall or presentation that is critical to your business.

In TISOL we are aware of the importance of achieving an accurate and fluent conveyance of the message that our customers intend to deliver. Our interpretation services rest upon this essential principle, as well as the proficiency of the languages and core subjects to be interpreted, in order to guarantee a smooth reception by the stakeholders. From business meetings and presentations, to conferences and audit visits, either at the premises of our Strategic Partners or their different operations across Peru and abroad, you may rest assured that TISOL will always have a highly skilled interpreter tailored to the specifics of your activities.



Upskilling with the language professionals.

English may not be the most spoken language in the world but it certainly leads the global dissemination ranking, and with TISOL, professionals are able to join this trend that defines present and future work.

In order to operate in our present globalized setting, professionals need the tools that ease the interaction with all stakeholders involved in their fields of operations, both within and outside the business environment. TISOL offers technical-English training courses that merge modern learning methodologies with the typical jargon used in your operations, either through one-on-one or group sessions, in a classroom or an online course, and at whatever times work best for your daily routine.

Our professional coaches have extensive experience in delivering face-to-face and group lessons and are aligned with our team of translators and interpreters in order to deepen their knowledge in the fields and terminology used across our customers’ operations.